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Welcome to MorePowerKids .com! 

The Home Of Some Of The Quirkiest, Cutest

And Inspirational Children's Books Around!

Each of the MORE POWER KIDS ©  are NEW and unique

with their own little challenges and dreams 

helping to inspire a natural faith in God in children

from 1-12 yrs while teaching them

how valuable they really are.


With 4 Fantastic Kids Books Available Now!

Children's Books that teach and inspire.

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Dare To Be Different

Constance McClatchy - the quirky little girl who isn't afraid to be herself and do what she loves most - look after spiders.

The adorable 1st of the MORE POWER KIDS © 

A book about finding joy in the small things

A book about finding your mission in the world

A book about having faith in who you are and what you believe you are here to do.

Chase Your Dream!

Sally Bowring - the little girl with a BIG Dream and a family ready to run for cover!

The hilarious 2nd book in the 


Will Sally's BIG Dream come true?

Will her family ever feel safe again?

 Will Sally’s Cat be able to come out of hiding, not to mention the Hamster?!

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Fletcher Front Cover.jpg

Don't Worry

Fletcher Grayson - the little boy with a little too much on his mind.

The touching 3rd book in the 


A book to warm your heart​

A book about prayer

A book to help children with their worries

Be Patient

Dotty de Wunder - the little girl who just doesn't like to wait.

The adorable 4th book in the 


Dottt's impatient for everything to happen quickly and does everything she can to help speed things along.

A book about learning to be patient

A book about trusting God's timing in everything

Dotty Front Cover.jpg

Andi Oakes


About the Author

Hi, I'm Andi and I live in Ireland. Northern Ireland to be specific. I'm a musician, an artist and now a children's book author and illustrator and I want to thank you for taking the time to visit my website.


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